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Arianne, Chloe, Katie , Emma , Jean and Graham Harbord

From: Stroud, Gloucestershire

Started: 5th Jan, 2020 — Finished: 10th Aug, 2020

Our four daughters aged 7,10,12 and 14 have grown to love walking and all of the things that happen unexpectedly along the Way . From wildlife to wild weather and the joy of soup and a sandwich in the woods ! Great experience and somehow enhanced as we couldn't go in to cafes and pubs ( although we plan to go to plenty of them soon!)

Emily Collins

From: Denbigh, North Wales

Started: 22nd Jul, 2020 — Finished: 29th Jul, 2020

A lovely, lovely walk. I met so many friendly people and saw such wonderful landscapes. The trail goes up and down, which rewards the walker with fantastic views. I would wholeheartedly recommend the walk. I travelled North to South and had a lovely final morning sightseeing Bath.

Gregory & Sharon Kane with sons Nathanael and Samuel

From: Gloucester

Started: 18th Jul, 2020 — Finished: 25th Jul, 2020

Sections of the Cotswold Way are very familiar to us as we live in Gloucester, and we have often talked about exploring the rest of it. With the uncertainties surrounding Covid-19 we decided that a holiday not-too-far-from-home would be a fairly safe bet. We walked it South-North which meant the landscape before us was bathed in sunlight when the sun shone, and on the one day that it rained, that was at our backs. We are very appreciative of those who maintain the path and for the way-marker posts; with very few exceptions the trail was easy to follow. Highlights - phenomenal views, variety of landscape and of wildlife, encouragement from others we met along the way, interesting historical sites and pretty villages, and days at a time with no traffic noise. Tough bits - some of the hills are pretty hard work, both up and down. Warmest hospitality - Lisa at Colgate Farm who supplied breakfast provisions that more than matched the appetites of our teenage sons, and Sara in Greencourt Loft, Middleyard who picked up our take-away evening meal. Thank you to both of you :-) We had never done a long trail walk before and there were moments when we weren't sure if we would make it. The euphoria of finishing was amazing. It was a family challenge and we achieved it by keeping on helping and encouraging one another.

Gerry O’Brien

From: Co. Kilkenny, Ireland

Started: 24th Jun, 2020 — Finished: 28th Jun, 2020

I really enjoyed my experience on the Cotswold Way! Starting from Chipping Campden, I sat in the sun by the Market Hall and enjoyed watching the screaming Swifts scything through the sky overhead. It seemed a good omen for the impending journey! The following days & nights were filled with enriching experiences and I enjoyed having the time to savour the historic & scenic landscapes, have long friendly chats with locals, pause & observe wildlife and to sleep out under the stars. The feeling upon reaching Bath Abbey was incredible and I enjoyed revelling in the atmosphere of this historic city as I refuelled with endless cups of tea and sandwiches!

Seren Wildwood

From: Cheltenham

Started: 12th May, 2019 — Finished: 31st May, 2020

I started the Cotswold Way in 2019 using public transport to get to the start of each section and then to get home at the end of each day. Life intervened - as it does - but I could always complete it in the Spring of 2020 ... Then came lockdown. I had got as far as Dowdeswell before lockdown, so I was able to complete the sections around Cheltenham by walking from home, doing a (shorter!) section and walking back. Once we were allowed to drive to places to get our exercise, I was able to complete the walk by using the car - not my preferred option, but I was at least able to complete the whole walk. It meant carrying all the food and water I knew I would need, as cafes, pubs, etc. were all closed, but it was a great experience.

Mike Burgess and Garry Vickers

From: Bolton

Started: 2nd Mar, 2020 — Finished: 6th Mar, 2020

Completed the walk in 5 days which was tough given the amount of climbing and how wet and muddy it was underfoot given recent weeks of rain. We were lucky with weather as only rained for on day out of five. The walk is stunning, the views are magnificent and the villages we passed through were in the main picturesque. Hover the biggest thumbs goes to the people we met walking on the route, all of whom were nice, supportive and encouraging. Overall though tiring a brilliant and memorable experience. Don't take the walk lightly if you are aiming to complete in 5 to 7 days.

harrie eltink

From: doornenburg 66896be nr 6 holland

Started: 21st Feb, 2020 — Finished: 27th Feb, 2020

it was a very hard trail, verry muddy en hilly the people ar very kind its very dangerous when you want to cross the road, because in holland we first look at the left….. i slept two times by people in the garden, en the other times in hostel/hotel i have good boods, legs and a strong mind and so i walked from chipping campden to bath, it was a ""long" way

Julie & Steve Holbrow

From: Bristol, England

Started: 4th May, 2019 — Finished: 1st Feb, 2020

We did this walk with the Cotswold Wardens. A very well organised walk, carried out over ten months from the very hot to the very muddy. Made lots of new friends, enjoyed the great views and varied landscapes of the Cotswolds. Highly recommended way of completing this long distance trail.

Derek Swann

From: Corsham, Wiltshire

Started: 6th May, 2017 — Finished: 4th Jan, 2020

Lorraine Norris

From: South Gloucestershire

Started: 5th Apr, 2019 — Finished: 2nd Jan, 2020

Absolutely loved this ! Lead by the Cotswold Wardens We are so lucky to have this on our doorstep

Nigel Pearce Michael Cartwright

From: Llantwit Fardre and Caerphilly

Started: 4th Mar, 2018 — Finished: 3rd Nov, 2019

We had walked the wales coastal path and offas dyke and wanted a fresh challenge the trail is beautiful well signposted and plenty of benches to rest tired legs and eat a sand witch I loved the quaint villages

John Hicks and Jane Ford

From: Melbourne, Australia

Started: 9th Oct, 2019 — Finished: 19th Oct, 2019

Absolutely wonderful time. Delightful walk with great vistas around every corner, delightful people and wonderful B&Bs all along the way. Eventually we had to stop using the adjective 'gorgeous' as we rounded the next corner and try to think of something more inventive, however it really was gorgeous in every sense. Two problems that you need to be aware of however: * the distances on the website are about 25% less than the actual distances you will walk, and given the undulating nature of the walk this can be a problem. We met many people as we walked and they all had this same experience. * Toghill Farm House advertises that it is accessible to walkers from the Cotswolds Way. This is not the case and it should be avoided (took us hours to get there and back, along with significant traffic hazards).

Elissa B. and Robert C. Bernius

From: Potomac, Maryland USA

Started: 5th Oct, 2019 — Finished: 18th Oct, 2019

A great walk with some rain, more mud, and marvelous vistas.

Rebecca Wedl, Justin Birnbaum, Madeline Birnbaum

From: Palo Alto, California, USA

Started: 5th Oct, 2019 — Finished: 11th Oct, 2019

Cotswold Superlatives Longest day: 21 miles Shortest day: 11 miles Best picnic: Scotch eggs on the top of a windy hill with panoramic views between Cheltenham and Painswick Worst weather: Final day, torrential rain and wind all day - we finished strong! Best hotel: St. Michael's in Painswick, beyond fabulous rooms and breakfast, couldn't recommend more (close second: 3 Abbey Green in Bath) Most haunted hotel: The White Hart Inn in Winchcombe (but still a nice place!) Best new vocab word for us Americans: Hiya! Most memorable animal encounter (dangerous): Saw and took some up-close pictures of a very cute snake, turned out to be an adder Most memorable animal encounter (not dangerous): Negotiating our way past some mildly spooked cows who were standing directly in front of the gate leading out of a field onto the trail Quintessential image of the trip: Stepping over a stile into a verdant pasture dotted with sheep and oak trees

Lori Marquardson & Marc Nolte

From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Started: 2nd Oct, 2019 — Finished: 10th Oct, 2019

Placing one foot in front of the other day after day, knowing there were no decisions to be made about what to wear or what to do each morning, stopping to gaze over the sigh-inspiring vistas, looking cows in the eye and willing them to move, scraping boots caked with mud after passing through another farmer's field, appreciating the downs after the steep ups, indulging in forest bathing, and feeling like you truly deserved that second or third pint at the end of the day--all of these were part of our wonderful experience walking the Cotswold Way. We loved the yews at St. Mary's in Painswick, couldn't believe there were people golfing on the blustery rainy day that we passed over Cleeve Common, and appreciated the bench dedicated to Stewart Burgess overlooking Bath where we stopped for a rest and a snack on our last day. It is over a month later and details of our journey still come to us and we are so happy to have done the walk.