Wool weaving

Woollen samples from our Wool Weaving Course

Wool weaving

Spend a fascinating day exploring the craft of weaving with a textile designer and hand-weaver, and working mainly with British wools in natural fleece and plant dyed colours. This course is perfect for beginners; and those who already have some experience will have an opportunity to improve their weaving technique and design skills.

During the course, you will set up a simple rigid heddle with back-strap type loom, and produce a length (up to 75cm) or two hand-woven cloths up to 10cm wide to take home. The day includes exploring weave design ideas and techniques; using colour, proportion and texture; making or winding a warp in single yarn/colour and multiple yarns/colours; threading and tensioning the warp on the loom; weaving technique including starting, ending, joining yarns and changing colours; pattern weaving using two colours; weave structures, going beyond plain weave – including a demonstration on a 4-shaft table loom (confident students can have a go at some experimental weaving on this loom too).


  • Perfect for beginners, no experience necessary
  • 1 day course
  • £75 per person
  • Wool yarns, tools and looms will be provided. The focus is on weaving with wool, so if you have some wool yarn, bought or hand-spun, that you would like to try out, bring it along. A pair of small sharp scissors, a tape measure and a notebook will be useful, as are phones with cameras!
  • The course is taught indoors, so all you will need to bring is a packed lunch, snacks and drinks.
  • All materials and equipment will be provided.
  • Toilet facilities and parking are available at the course venue, with further information provided in the course joining instructions.