Cotswold Lion Magazine

The voice of the Cotswolds AONB

The Cotswold Lion is published twice a year, and covers a wide range of features: from arts, culture and history; through to nature, conservation, and environment; local enterprise; walking and exploring; and events highlights in the region.

The Lion is produced by the Cotswolds Conservation Board, and can be found online, and in a variety of locations including attractions, travel hubs, information centres, libraries, hotels, country parks, and more.

The Lion is the perfect read for those who love the Cotswolds
AONB, and who love being out and about in the countryside.

Your can pick up your copy of the magazine across the Cotswolds or download your copy below.

When you have finished with the magazine please pass it on or recycle it.

If you are a business or organisation wishing to stock the Cotswold Lion this is available to order in bulk through Glide Media.

Advertising in the Cotswold Lion

If you are interested in sponsoring or advertising in the Cotswold Lion, and require a rate card and technical specification, please contact: or call 01451 862003.

Thank you to all of our advertisers. The income from our advertising goes towards the cost of the production, which enables us to continue to provide a free magazine.

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Issue 43: July to December 2020

Issue 42: January to June 2020

Issue 41: July to December 2019

Issue 40: January to June 2019

Issue 39: July to December 2018

Issue  38: January to June 2018

Issue 37 : July to December 2017

Issue 36 : Spring to Summer 2017 

Issue 35 : Autumn to Winter 2016/2017

Issue 34 : Spring to Summer 2016

Issue 33 : Autumn to Winter 2015/2016

Issue 32 : Spring to Summer 2015

Issue 31 : Autumn to Winter 2014/2015

Issue 30 : Spring to Summer 2014

Issue 29 : Autumn to Winter 2013/2014

Issue 28 : Spring to Summer 2013

Issue 27 : Autumn to Winter 2012/2013

Issue 26 : Spring to Summer 2012

Issue 25 2011 : Autumn to Winter 2012

Issue 24 : Spring to Summer 2011

Issue 23 : Autumn to Winter 2010/2011

Issue 21 : Autumn to Winter 2009/2010

Issue 20 : Spring to Summer 2009